Rats Nirrant

Chadra-Fan Scoundrel


Nirrant has no idea where he’s from. He assumes he was born on Chad, but only really remembers his life among the slavers.

Three years back, the Hutt owned ship Nirrant was serving on was attack by an Imperial Anti-Smuggling task force and crash landed on Abdula-3. Nirrant waited for his owners to come and retrieve him, in the mean time doing odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. After over a year, realizing that nobody was coming for him and barely grasping the concept of freedom, Nirrant made the decision to get off Abdula-3 and try to find some meaning to his life.

Nirrant, his mind made up, got passage off the planet as a stowaway on an Ord-Mantell bound ship, operated by a group of Duros scrappers. During the trip he could not resist the urge to make fixes to the parts of the ship he found in disarray and was discovered while readjusting the hyperdrive motivator. Annoyed at the intrusion, but impressed by the results, the captain offered Nirrant a job on the crew which he readily accepted.

Since joining the Duros crew, Nirrant has been going by the name Rats dues to either a miscommunication or intentional slight.

Rats Nirrant

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