Senten Lutt

Duros Scout


Senten Latt, Duros scrapper, pilot, and mechanic lived on Ord Mantell working in the expansive scrapyards. He worked primarily for Hairan Smague rebuilding and constructing working ships from scrap parts. Senten was sent in Hairan’s transport ship, Gallofree Goshawk to Agamar to deliver goods. After the delivery, he received an emergency transmission from Hairan saying that there was “Big trouble at home. Don’t come back to Ord Mantell, take the ship and go. I’ll get off Ord Mantell, if I can… if I can’t, I’ll be dead.”

Now Senten and the crew are free to take the Gallofree Goshawk and pursue their own fortunes. Unable to head home they are forced to move on. Low on credits they need to find work and soon.

Senten Lutt

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