Wyn Vaast

Nautolan Soldier


Wyn Vaast, Nautolan soldier, first picked up a blaster to fight the Separatist forces who threatened his homeworld of Glee Anselm. He quickly realized this was where he felt most at home, the heart of the battle pitting his skill against that of the warrior on the other side (even if they were droids). The squad he led was instrumental in helping the clone troops finally push the Separatists off planet. His wife died in the conflict and since he knew nothing of raising his small daughter left her to be raised by relatives. Wyn caught a transport off Glee Anselm and has spent the better part of 30 years honing his skills and hopping from job to job trying to earn a little scratch where he can.

Last month was Wyn’s 50th birthday. He is currently working as muscle for a Duros who stumbled ass backwards into his own ship and salvage company. He figures he will give it a few months to see if this crew of jackasses has it in them to make some real money or if it may finally be time to hang it all up and head back home. Possibly, meet the daughter he never really knew.

Wyn Vaast

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